2023 Challenge

For Brighton & Hove Women

Discover How To Finally Take Control Of Your Health & Fitness, While You Transform Your Confidence & Get Into Amazing Shape In 2023!

We have 20 spaces for women that want to change their bodies and minds for the better, while they re-vamp their energy and life with our 8 Week New Year Challenge!


Does This Sound Familiar?

  • Life has got in the way of you looking after yourself properly.
  • Work, social life or family commitments have stopped you from prioritising your own well-being and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.
  • Maybe you don’t have as much energy as you used to.
  • You’re not quite as happy with your body and feel less confident.
  • Maybe you’ve tried “gyms & diets” but didn’t enjoy them.
  • Or what used to work for you just doesn't work as well anymore.
  • You want to see a really positive change but don’t want to give up your favourite foods or having fun outside of the gym.

If you can relate to any of the above: Our 8 Week New Year's Challenge is for you!

You’ll Be Shocked By How Much You Can Transform Your Fitness & Shape up In Such A Short Space Of Time!

With our 8 week New Year Challenge You'll:

  • Feel more comfortable in your clothes, potentially have to buy new ones!
  • Get fitter and feel more confident about your body.
  • Skyrocket your energy levels and massively improve your productivity and focus.
  • Have improved self-esteem in everyday life.
  • Sleep better and feel refreshed when you wake up.
  • Look better, move better and feel better.

How Does The Challenge Work & How Do We Guarantee Your Results?

We Break The 8 Week Challenge Into 3 Core Pillars

Fun & Effective Training Designed Around You!

No matter your experience level we’ll meet you where you are right now! Our sessions are specifically designed to do two things. The first is to make exercise something you actually enjoy! The second is to ensure you get the results you’ve always wanted.

Nutrition Help To Get You Amazing Results!

We’ll make small and simple tweaks to your nutrition that will make BIG noticeable differences to your results all while you can still enjoy your favourite foods and drinks.

Personal Coaching And Accountability

This is not a typical gym membership where you are left to get on with it. We will be with you every step of the way, making sure you’re getting the results you came for.

Warning Icon


This is not a typical “gym membership” where you are left to just get on with it. This is a bespoke programme, based around you and your specific goals to get the results you’ve always wanted!

Meet Your Expert Body Transformational Coach 

Rob Callow

Dear Brighton & Hove Resident,

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How can I improve my fitness and feel healthier?
  • I’m feeling low on energy - how can I find a different perspective to feel better?
  • How can I find time to workout and improve my nutrition?
  • How do I incorporate a new fitness regime into my busy lifestyle and feel part of a close community?

If so, you’re in the right place...

Getting fit and healthy can be tough but with the right coaching team, community and accountability that consistently help you towards your health and fitness goals – it becomes much easier.

If you’re frustrated and unclear what to do next with your weight and fitness level and know you have the potential to get in the BEST shape of your life then can help you so you’ll never struggle again to get fit and feel healthy.

Transform Personal Training is led by fitness expert Rob Callow who is considered the authority on getting everyday people in the BEST shape of their lives.

He is the expert people choose when they need help with their own health, fitness, nutrition, mindset and wellbeing.

No matter what your current level of fitness is, if you live in Brighton and Hove, Rob Callow and his team can show you how to reclaim your body fast and achieve your health and fitness dreams.

These Local Residents Did It, & So Can You!

I booked onto the 6 weeks programme to get rid of weight, tone up and get stronger. The programme has helped me, I am one stone down and I am now eating much healthier and feel better. If I was doing it without Rob, there is no way I would push myself like he pushed me. The training programme has been absolutely effective!


I had not been to the gym for over a year and a half due to problems with my knees, neck, shoulders and back. I was in a lot of pain with my shoulders and neck especially and had put on a lot of weight during the time I had not been exercising. I was desperate to get back into the gym, but very scared in case I made my problems worse. I have increased movement and strength in my shoulders. I am confident about what I am doing in the gym. I have more energy and feel much happier within myself. I have started a mix of jogging and walking and hope to get back to running again, which I never thought I would be able to do. I am over 2 and half stone down in weight.


I was very overweight and I found movement very difficult - doing easy things like walking up the stairs and climbing out of the bath. I can now walk and down up the stairs with ease, climb ladders and go up scaffolding which is part of my job and everything is just a lot easier. Transform Personal Training gives you a really focused look at what you're doing wrong, and how to change your bad habits. I would recommend Rob because the individual attention that you get is really helpful, especially with changing bad eating habits which I had. With Rob's help, it means you have complete focus on what you're doing and what you're trying to achieve.


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